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Ideal Fitness & Weight Loss Center Naples Store Front At Ideal Fitness and Weight Loss Center, we help members reach their personal fitness goals. Even if you have been discouraged from prior attempts at other gyms or failed diets, our specialized personal training programs, strength training programs, or weight loss programs can work for you. We are results-based. We are determined to ensure our efforts help you see the results you want to see.

We Are Not Just a Gym, We Are a Program

Our personalized program that set us apart, includes:

  • Exercise programs: under the guidance of our Ideal Fitness Coaches all included with your monthly membership
  • Accountability: Our programs include meal plans, exercise routines, and accountability for sticking with the plan. We track your progress with weigh-ins, Fit Tests, and food journals.
  • Our two-track process: We combine nutrition with workouts to develop a unique plan for you to begin a healthier lifestyle.
  • Personalized Weight loss Program & Meal Planning with weekly plan review
  • Full access to the facility 6 days per week.
  • Working with our friendly training staff 3x per week on full body strength training workouts.
  • Monthly Re-Evaluations that will track your progress and help determine the best course of action for you to reach your goals.

Getting started with your weight loss program

Come in on your scheduled day/time to tour the club and complete your fitness assessment. During the assessment we will record your height, weight, circumference measurements, body fat, heart rate and blood pressure with our state of the art Inbody scale. We also will be going over your medical history. We will then discuss with you what these numbers mean to your health and how the Ideal Fitness program will help you reach your goals.

Once you enroll into the weight loss program we will schedule your first three workouts. These workouts will be used to set up your weights and your position for each piece of equipment. Your Fitness Coach will also take you one on one through the workout to make sure you are comfortable with how you perform each movement. Not only that, after your first three workouts, fitness couches will be there at all times to help and assist.

Disclaimer: Weight loss results are not guaranteed and results may vary from person to person!

Our Naples weight loss plans include:

  • Strength training – Weight training is beneficial for every age. Our highly trained Fitness Coaches will teach you how to use each piece of equipment including proper positioning. We will set your initial weights for your first strength session and a “Fit Test” will be conducted throughout your program to help maximize effectiveness.
  • Cardiovascular fitness – Cardio exercise strengthens heart muscles, burns fat, and is vital for your muscle development. Cardiorespiratory fitness is great anytime but imperative for both weight loss and strength training. Our Fitness Coaches use interval training to increase efficiency of our specially designed aerobic programs.
  • Flexibility – Stretching not only prevents injuries and balance problems but increases the range of motion which improves your ability to do daily activities. Our routines improve athletic performance and help aids in the recovery of worn muscles through lengthening. Increasing your flexibility can also improve your posture and blood flow to soft tissues.
  • Weight loss management – Weight loss is most effective when it is a lifestyle adjustment. That’s why we work with you to make sure you are losing weight in an effective and safe manner. We focus on combining an exercise routine with a meal plan ensures success.

Our Fitness and Nutrition Coaches care about your overall well-being which is why we consider all factors when designing your custom program. Whether you are looking to bulk up, manage heart disease with cardio exercise, or need to slim down without stressing your joints, our personal fitness staff can help! Call us at 239-272-3226 to discuss achieving your goals.

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